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8 Moves to Get Total-Body Toned
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8 Moves to Get Total-Body Toned

This routine from The Bikini Body Diet by Tara Kraft sculpts sexy muscle in all the right places—flattening your abs, firming your butt, and toning your thighs. Plus, doing bursts of cardio between each move keeps your heart rate (read: calorie burn) high.

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How it works: Do 1 set of 12 to 15 reps of each move in order, performing 30 seconds of cardio (jump rope, do burpees, or march in place) between each exercise. Repeat the entire sequence once more. The last 2 reps of each set should be very challenging; if they're not, add resistance.
You will need: Bench, Body Bar, Free weights, Medicine ball, Resistance band
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