For those who already love fitness, January's a nightmare: The New Year's resolution crowd overruns your gym, tying up equipment and making 30-minute workout routines stretch long beyond an hour. They'll be gone by February… if you can just hang on.

One solution: Try a free session with a trainer. "They're going to be able to navigate through a crowd better than you could by yourself… and it opens up new areas of the gym to you," says Jared Meachem, Fitness Services Director at Sky Fitness & Wellbeing gyms. You may also get a chance to try some new exercises, or have a new program developed for you in just a few sessions. "You can direct the trainer to develop you a program that isn't equipment-sensitive, so you can get it done at any time of day without waiting in line."

If your gym doesn't offer free sessions—or you'd just rather go it alone—try these strategies to create a January workout routine that avoids the lines to get you fit, fast… and without frustration.

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