BJ Gaddour on What NOT to Say to a Personal Trainer

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BJ Gaddour on What NOT to Say to a Personal Trainer
 After two years of working as a personal trainer one-on-one with all kinds of clients, Gaddour had tons of material to work with. While his video does garner lots of laughs, it can also be a tale of how to maximize your personal training sessions.

SHAPE: How did you come up with the idea?

BJ: My wife is a big fan of cruising the web for gossipy-type stuff and celebrity blogs. She showed me the original "Sh*t Girls Say" videos and the spin-offs, and we thought it'd be hilarious to put together a video of the things some of our clients have said to us over the years.  

Women just share a lot more than guys do. Sometimes they share a bit too much and that’s where the jokes come from. 

SHAPE: What do you do when you’re not wearing a bad blonde wig and making viral videos?

BJ: I am the CEO of StreamFIT, a series of metabolic training workouts that you can stream directly to any web-enabled device. Basically, it’s P90X meets Netflix. We use a new school approach to toning your body using interval-based programming to stimulate the growth of muscles and create a disturbance that will have you burning calories for the next couple of days.  

SHAPE: What is the weirdest response you have gotten from the video?

BJ: I have gotten sexual comments from both sexes. Also, YouTube brings out the scum of the Earth who just look for ways to insult people. But you have to have a thick skin if you put yourself out there. The best part is that I've also received a lot of encouraging comments from people who can relate to the video.

SHAPE: The best part of the video is the end when you go on a rant about Girl Scout Cookies. What’s your favorite cookie?

BJ: It has to be a tie between Thin Mints and the Samoa. But I haven’t had a girl scout cookie in five years. The trick is not to know any Girls Scouts. 

SHAPE: When women start telling you about their bedroom lives and making random confessions during a session, what are you thinking?

BJ: When I hear stuff like that I think, “Why did I get into this field?” After a few months of working, I quickly realized that I did not want to continue life as a one-on-one personal trainer. It really is like an active form of therapy: You become a friend, they get an attachment to you, and it becomes awkward if you are unsociable like me. I prefer group sessions like boot camps.

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