BJ Gaddour on What NOT to Say to a Personal Trainer

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BJ Gaddour on What NOT to Say to a Personal Trainer

SHAPE: Why do you think women reveal so much to their trainers?

BJ: Women are just a lot more open and emotional. But I’m surprised how amazing they are—they work harder and can handle more pain than men. Maybe it’s because they are genetically designed to handle pain from childbirth. 

Guys in the gym are know-it-alls, including myself. Women want to be corrected and want that reinforcement. They work their butts off. Men come in my boot camp class, go at 100 percent for 5 minutes, and then conk out. If I had to form a fitness army, it would have a lot more women in it than men.

SHAPE: How can a woman utilize her training sessions to the max? 

BJ: The most important thing is to find a trainer with the same mentality as you. If you like to attack, you need someone like that. If you are results-focused, then find someone who gets results. When two people with similar personalities get together, it’s a beautiful thing. 

SHAPE: What is the biggest mistake women make when they get a personal trainer? 

BJ: The biggest mistake most women make is that they avoid resistance training. This is a huge mistake, particularly for women who are older than 30. Resistance works your fast-twitch muscle fibers and once they go, so does your athleticism. It also helps your muscles look tense and toned at all times. Resistance and weight training will not make you bulky; you will not become a hulk. A good diet coupled with resistance training does a body good.

SHAPE: What is the overall message you want to relay with this video? 

BJ: There is so much humor in fitness, with lots of grunting and groaning and sweating. The stress of losing weight and overcoming physical obstacles brings out emotion and we need to just laugh at it sometimes. Too many people in this industry take themselves too seriously. That’s where I think this industry needs to be fixed. Some people have too much ego and are too focused on speaking exercise language to clients. Most trainers don’t understand there is a big need to entertain. The trainers that do well find a combination of entertainment and empowerment. 

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