Looking for an effective home fitness workout? End your search by using the following strength training routines.

Split Lunge With Overhead Press Strength Training Routine

Reps: 10-12 reps

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Stand with left foot flat on top of a BOSU Balance Trainer and step back with right foot, keeping heel lifted. Hold a medicine ball in front of chest, elbows bent. Bend knees into a lunge, lowering right knee toward floor and keeping left knee aligned over ankle [A].

Straighten both legs, pressing medicine ball straight up overhead [B]. Repeat for reps, then switch legs. Fitness workout intensity boost: Alternate leg lunging onto BOSU.

Double-Leg Stretch With Ball Strength Training Routine

Reps: 10-12 reps

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Lie faceup on floor, knees bent 90 degrees, soles of feet on a stability ball. Exhale, contract abdominals and lift upper torso off floor, reaching arms forward [A]. Inhale, extend legs and roll ball away from you until heels are resting on ball; at the same time, extend arms overhead and next to ears [B].

Use abs to keep back firm against floor. Exhale and circle arms back to sides of knees as you bend knees to return to [A] position. Fitness workout intensity boost: Hold the [B] position for 3 counts.

Single-Leg Extension And Curl Strength Training Routine

Reps: 10-12 reps

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Tie a light- or medium-resistance tube around leg of couch or other sturdy object. Secure left foot inside tube handle, facing away from couch, hands on hips. Bend left knee and lift left foot a few inches off floor. (Hold onto a chair back for balance if necessary.) Tighten abdominals and straighten left leg without lifting or lowering thigh [A]. Complete reps, then turn and face couch, re-securing left toe in handle.

Lift heel off floor so just toes are touching floor, then bend left knee and curl heel up toward buttocks, keeping left thigh vertical [B]. Finish set, then switch to right leg and repeat. Fitness workout intensity boost: After completing reps on left side, perform 1 set of partial squats, lowering butt only halfway before switching to right side.

Mix and match these workout routines to create a workout that suits your needs. Be sure to check out the following page for additional strength training routines.

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Use the following workout routines as an entire fitness workout plan or mix them up, choosing the strength training routines to fit your preferences.

Lunge And Row With A Twist Strength Training Routine

Reps: 10-12 reps

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Secure a medium-resistance tube to a door at waist height using a doorjamb attachment. Face door with feet hip-width apart and grasp both handles in left hand, palm in, moving back until tubing is taut [A].

Step back with left leg, heel lifted. Bend both knees into a lunge, left knee pointing at floor, right knee bent and over ankle, as you pull left elbow back in a rowing motion, left palm at ribs, twisting torso to the left [B]. Straighten legs and return arm and torso to starting position, leaving left leg back. Complete reps on left leg, then switch legs. Fitness workout intensity boost: Rest top of back foot on a stability ball or BOSU.

Curl And Press 2 Strength Training Routine

Reps: 10-12 reps

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Attach light- or medium-resistance tubing to top of doorframe with a doorjamb attachment. Face door and grasp both handles in left hand with overhand grip, left elbow pointing down. Stand with right foot in center of a second light- or medium-resistance tube on floor, grasping both handles in right hand with underhand grip [A].

Choke up on tubes to remove slack. Tighten abdominals and bend right elbow into a biceps curl, keeping elbow close to side while straightening left arm in triceps push-down, elbow close to side, palm pressing down toward left thigh [B]. Complete 1 set, then switch sides. Fitness workout intensity boost: Lift leg on same side as triceps press-down slightly off the floor, toes resting next to other ankle.

One-Arm Dumbbell Chest Press Strength Training Routine

Reps: 10-12 reps

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Lie faceup on a BOSU Balance Trainer with hips on floor and upper to middle back, shoulders and head supported on BOSU, feet flat on floor hip-width apart, knees bent and over ankles. Holding dumbbells in hands, raise arms up over chest, elbows over shoulders, palms facing out. Lift hips off floor into a bridge, your body forming a straight line between knees and shoulders [A].

Bend left elbow and lower dumbbell to side, elbow aligned with shoulder, wrist over elbow [B]. Press arm back up and straighten to starting position. Repeat with right arm to complete 1 rep. Fitness workout intensity boost: Perform exercise with upper back, shoulder and head supported on a stability ball.

Choose Shape as the source of information for your workout routines, including your strength training routines.

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