Get Motivated! Top 8 Sites for Fitness Inspiration

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Get Motivated! Top 8 Sites for Fitness Inspiration

3. SparkPeople

What is it? SparkPeople is the largest online weight-loss community, with more than 8 million members working toward their goals—and encouraging each other as they do it.

Why we love it: A motivation tab features articles, quotes, videos and success stories that'll get you moving even on your laziest days, including 5 Things You Can Learn From Your Mistakes (we love places that support messing up every now and then). If you've got any excuse not to work out, this site will likely bust it.

4. This Is Why You're Thin!

What is it? Thank you! A site that makes healthy food look as good as what you see in a pastry case! While This Is Why You're Fat features calorie bombs like bacon wrapped in cheese and wrapped in more bacon—and then deep fried, this is the anti-site that showcases pretty-enough-to-eat images of foods that make and keep you healthy.

Why we love it: The inventive dishes (no—yawn—poached chicken!) look so delicious, you'll wonder why you ever reached for the bad stuff.

5. Yum Yucky

What is it? Yum Yucky is one mom's no-holds-barred blog about her attempts to strike a healthy balance between her love for food and her fitness goals. Warning: This site's occasional four-letter feistiness isn't for the prim.

Why we love it: Blogger Josie Maurer's oh-so-relatable posts—including getting over carb delirium (and not being bloated) and "reverse journaling" (you write down what you managed to pass up and not eat!)—galvanize us to follow her lead.

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