Get Motivated! Top 8 Sites for Fitness Inspiration

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Get Motivated! Top 8 Sites for Fitness Inspiration

6. 43 Things

What is it? 43 Things is a collection of lists of things people want to do, from running a half marathon and taking a photo every day for a year to keeping a notepad of awesome moments and empowering girls and women to be free-thinkers and be self-sufficient.

Why we love it: Not only can you list your dreams, but you can add others' to your list (including things you never would have come up with on your own, but are great ideas). Some are predictable, some, not so much. One recent day, "grow wings" was one of the most popular goals. But so were "stop procrastinating" and "lose weight."

7. Diary of a Fat Woman

What is it? The story of Joanna, a 28-year-old mom of three, full-time student and part-time teacher who's on a quest to lose 113 pounds to get to her goal weight of 150 (she's lost 60 pounds already).

Why we love it: Joanna finds smart ways to sneak healthy activity into her days—by running around with her kids at the park ("Sitting on the bench and watching them doesn't count!"), participating in a Biggest Loser contest with coworkers, getting rid of junk food in the house ("The kids will get over it"), and waking up at the crack of dawn for exercise ("Painful, but feels so good when it's over"). If she can do it, you can, too.

8. StickK

What is it? Set your health, nutrition or fitness goal, plug in your credit card number and pledge a specific amount (an amount you'd really miss!) to a charity or political party that you don't support. If you don't reach your goal, the folks you disagree with get the dough.

Why we love it: Putting cold, hard cash on the line is a sure way to get motivated. Hey, sometimes it takes a little fight to get you moving.

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