Outwit Your Winter Workout Slump

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Prevent weather, stress, travel & fatigue from sidetracking exercise

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Outwit Your Winter Workout Slump

- Monitor your heart rate. Exercise should perk you up rather than wear you out -- but working at too high an intensity can backfire and rob you of the energy you were aiming for. To that end, a little technology can help guide the way. "Using a heart-rate monitor to exercise in appropriate 'intensity zones' will ensure that you don't overdo it," says Mulvihill. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that, to maximize fat loss and minimize fatigue, exercise intensity should remain within a range of 60-90 percent of your maximum heart rate (MHR). To estimate your MHR, simply subtract your age from 220. Following these guidelines will make it easier to burn excess fat without burning out, which is a sine qua non for maintaining your shape -- and your sanity -- over the holidays.

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