Play Your Way to a Better Body

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5 ways to make fitness more fun

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Play Your Way to a Better Body
Remember when exercise didn't seem like a chore? As a kid, you'd run around at recess or take your bike for a spin just for fun. Bring that sense of play back to your workouts and you'll be more likely to get moving, stick with it and see results.

Go outside
Get off the treadmill and work up a sweat in the great outdoors. This allows you to change up your environment, so no two workouts are the same. Plus, you’re not limited by the constraints of space or equipment. "When you're outside, you're not locked in a linear plane. You can move laterally or go backwards and challenge your body in different ways," says Lacey Stone, a New York City-based trainer and founder of Lacey Stone Fitness.

Use your surroundings
Who needs fancy equipment when you have benches, bars and stairs available for free? Find a staircase, do step-ups on the way up—for an added challenge try taking two stairs at a time—and run down. Head to your local park where you can do dips or push-ups on benches, pull-ups on the jungle gym and lunges or calf raises on curbs. 

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