TIP: See the big picture.
Sometimes we obsess over the physical manifestations of working out and eating well, such as getting a tighter butt and slimmer hips or seeing a lower number on the scale. Those things are important and do help you to measure your progress, but exercise and good nutrition also nourish the mind and spirit, reduce stress, bolster your confidence and make you feel more alive. Focus on how your healthy choices continue to help you during physical plateaus and you'll have an easier time sticking with your fitness regimen.

Try this This week, when you work out or eat a healthful meal, consider every positive aspect of what you're doing and write down on your work sheet at least three of your observations. Let your stress melt away with every foot-strike on the treadmill; visualize that salad bathing your cells in strengthening nutrients; notice how your confidence soars when you make it through a workout. Chances are, these thoughts and feelings will refuel your resolve almost as much as losing a pound will.

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