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The Strapless Dress Workout
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The Strapless Dress Workout

Whether you're a bride, bridesmaid, or simply attending a fancy soirée, there's nothing more frustrating about donning a strapless dress than the dreaded armpit pudge! While you can't choose exactly where your body loses fat, you can sculpt the lean muscles that are crucial for giving your upper body shape. Pair this circuit workout with a healthy diet and two or three days of cardio (45 to 60 minutes) and you'll melt off extra fat and reveal sleek, sexy arms and shoulders.

How it works: Three days per week, do 1 set of each exercise back to back, with little to no rest in between moves. Do the full circuit 2 to 3 times, depending on how much time (and energy) you have.
You will need: Free weights
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