Weight Training 101

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Weight Training

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Weight Training 101

Gym Speak
New to lifting? Learn the lingo and you'll feel right at home in the weight room.

Work in: To alternate sets with someone on a piece of equipment. If someone is using a machine, you may ask to "work in." It's most efficient on machines with weight stacks because you can change poundage simply by moving the pin to another hole. If you have to load plates on and off, it's better to wait until the user is finished.

Super setting: Doing two or three different exercises without resting between sets.

Circuit training: Doing an entire "circuit" of exercises with little or no rest between sets, then repeating the circuit. Circuits are great because they save time and let muscles recover as you work different muscles. However, you probably won't progress to lifting more weight unless you do multiple sets of an exercise.

Split routine: A strength program in which you work some muscle groups on one day and others another day.

Isolate: To single out a particular muscle group.

Hypertrophy: Simply, an increase in muscle size.

Recruitment: The portion of a muscle that's stimulated during a particular exercise.

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