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Yoga Anywhere Pose Encyclopedia

Inversions and Arm Balances

Chin Balance
From plank, lift your right leg to a 3-legged plank, and lower down into one legged knees, chest, chin (releasing your left knee, your chest, and your chin to the ground). Lift through your right inner leg. You can prep by taking your left foot to support your right thigh, and when your back feels open enough and ready, lift your left leg to meet the right.

Come into a full squat. Press your palms firmly into the ground a few inches in front of your feet. Place your knees onto the tops of your upper arms. Look out about a foot ahead of you. Lift your hips and belly up. Stay here for a few breaths. If you feel steady left one foot off the ground and place it back down. Then try lifting the other foot and placing it back down. If you are still stable, try lifting one foot, and then the other. Press down through your palms to lift both feet up, if possible. Stay here for three long, deep breaths and slowly lower your feet back down.

Dolphin Pose
From your downward-facing dog, lower your forearms to the ground so they are parallel to each other. Keep your fingers spread wide. Lift your shoulders away from the ground and relax your head. Stay here for five long, deep breaths.

Eight Angle Pose
Hug your right knee with your arms. If there’s room press the bottom of your right foot into your left elbow, wrap your right arm around your right thigh, and join your hands to cradle the leg. If that hurts your knee, hold your right foot with your left hand and your right knee with your right hand. Lengthen torso and sit up tall. Relax your shoulders downward. Sway your left leg from side to side to open your hip.

If your hips feel open, press your right hand under your right calf and bring your right leg to rest on top of our right shoulder. Then, cross your left ankle over your right.  With both of your hands  shoulder's distance apart on the ground, start to bend your elbows as you squeeze your legs together on your right upper arm. Reach your chest forward as your weight transfers into your hands.

Forearm Stand
From dolphin, inhale and lift your right leg up so that your hips lift over your shoulders. Exhale and lower it back down. Try the same thing with the left leg. Continue with this until you get the feeling of getting your hips over your shoulders, or if you feel ready, take a light hop the next time you inhale and lift a leg to bring yourself into forearm stand. If you are new to the pose, try positioning yourself near a wall so you can kick up and rest your legs along the wall. Stay here for five long deep breaths and slowly lower down to child’s pose.

Start in chair pose.Take your left leg into half ankle-to-knee (crossing your left ankle above your right knee on your right thigh). Then take a twist to the right, placing your left elbow or upper arm inside the arch of your left foot. Find a prayer with your hands at the center of your sternum, and breathe there for a few deep breaths. Once comfortable in the twist, come onto the ball of your right foot, and sink your sit bones towards your right heel. Then, keeping your left upper arm connected to your left foot, place both hands on the ground, shoulder's distance apart, bend your elbow, and transfer your weight into your hands. If you would like to then extend your right leg long, go for it!

Stand on your right leg, tip your weight forward so your left leg extends back behind you and your fingertips come to the ground. Press your palms firmly on the ground under your shoulders. Straighten your arms. Keep the left leg lifted and rock forward and back, just starting to get your hips over your shoulders. Start to take small hops on your right leg. When you hop up, lift your left leg high so your hips are over your shoulders and keep your right leg dangling down so your legs will be in an L shape. Keep breathing though the entire movement. Inhale as you rock or lightly hop up, and exhale as you release.

See if the bottom foot wants to leave the ground as you rock forward. Rest your gaze between your hands. Lift up in your belly as you rock forward to give yourself an extra boost to get some air. Try little hops on that right leg and lift the leg up so your legs will be in the shape of the letter L.

If you are finding some balance in your handstand L shape bring the legs together at the top. Keep your arms strong and steady and your gaze focused but soft on the ground between your hands. There are a bunch of fun ways to topple out of a handstand. You can cartwheel out of it, flip your body into a backbend, walk the hands a bit till you can bring the feet back to the ground, or make up your own way. Remember, yoga is experiential. It’s your experience. Make sure to breathe through the routine and repeat it on the other side, too!

Sit on your heels. Interlace your fingers loosely and place them on the ground. Place the top of your head on the ground so your fingers hold the back of your head. Stay here for a few breaths to get comfortable in the position. If this feels uncomfortable, come back to sit on your heels. Stay here for a few breaths. If you are comfortable, tuck your toes and straighten your legs. Stay here for ten long, deep breaths and when you are ready come out of it gently, lower your knees to the ground, and relax in child's pose.

If you want to move on to a full headstand, start to walk your feet in toward your body so your hips line up over your shoulders and your back is straight up and down. Stay here for a few breaths. If you are comfortable here bend one knee in and bring your heel to your hip. Bring it back down and try the other leg. If you are steady with one leg try both legs at the same time. When your heels are pulled in toward your hips, slowly extend your legs straight up. Stay for twenty long, deep breaths if you can. When you are ready to come down, slowly lower one leg at a time and rest in child's pose for a few breaths.

One-Arm Forearm Stand
From downward-facing dog, lower your forearms to the ground for dolphin pose.  Keeping your left forearm as it is, take your right hand in line with your left elbow (like it would be for tripod headstand), then lift your right leg high, transfer your weight into your left forearm and right hand and play with lifting your left leg off the ground.

Open Split Arm Balance
Start in a wide low lunge with both hands inside of the right foot. Then, take hold of your right ankle with your right hand and wiggle your right shoulder underneath your right knee. Once you have that contact, place your right hand outside of your right foot, plant both of your palms firmly on the ground, shoulder's distance apart, bending your elbows to create a shelf.  Using your right upper arm to rest your right leg, start to extend your right leg forward. Reach your chest forward, transfer your weight into your hands and play with lifting your left leg off the ground.

Scorpion Pose
Once in forearm stand, press into your finger pads, pull your chest through your shoulders and look up as you bend your knees and reach your toes towards your head. Use each inhale to lengthen your chest forward and each exhale to release your toes lower. Stay here for five long deep breaths and slowly lower down to child’s pose.

Side Plank
From downward-facing dog, roll your torso out into a plank pose. Lift your hips, press down with your right hand, roll to the outside edge of your right foot, and open your torso toward the left. Extend your left arm straight up and look up to your fingers. If desired, take hold of the big toe on the left foot and extend left leg up. Stay here for three long,, deep breaths and do the other side.


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