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Yoga Anywhere Pose Encyclopedia


Upward-Facing Dog
From plank, lower your knees gently to the ground. Roll your shoulders down and lift your chest up through your arms with a big inhale. Straighten your arms as much as feels comfortable, while keeping your shoulders down. If you straighten your arms and your back feels pinched, bend the elbows and continue to lift your chest through your arms until you feel good. Don’t be shy about adding a little movement if needed to keep the pose fresh and help open up your back. Sway your torso a bit from side to side if that feels good. Remember, keep your body easy, never forced or tense.

Wheel (Forearm)
From forearm stand, split your legs so that the right leg reaches foreword and the left leg reaches back as a counter balance. Start to reach your chest through your shoulders, bending your right knee and reaching your right foot toward the ground by your hands. Use each inhale to reach your chest through your shoulders and each exhale to reach your toes towards your hands until your right foot lands on the ground. Then, allow your left foot to come to the ground as well, and walk your feet towards your hands. Grab ahold of your ankles if they are accessible.
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