Yoga Styles De-Coded

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Yoga Styles De-Coded

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Jivamukti Yoga

Origin: This modern, intellectual style of yoga emerged from David Life and Sharon Gannon's well-known New York City studio in 1984.

Philosophy: "Unapologetically spiritual," Jivamukti was created to bring the depth of Eastern yogic philosophy to the everyday life of Westerns. Celebrating a non-violent lifestyle and the limitless potential of the individual is at the heart of this practice, which literally translates to liberation while living.

What to Expect: Enter the incense-filled studio, notice the framed photos of the rich Jivamukti guru lineage, and prepare for a fast-moving class set to a wide-range of music from the Beatles to Moby. Classes typically include Sanskrit chanting, meditation, breath work, and a spiritual theme woven throughout the 90-minute practice.

Try it if...
...you're looking to add more om to your down-dogs. Or, if you just hope to catch a glimpse of devoted students Russell Simmons,Sting, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Christy Turlington practicing next to you.

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