Yoga Styles De-Coded

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Yoga Styles De-Coded

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Baptiste Power Yoga

Origin: Inspired by the more fast-paced forms of yoga (Ashtanga, Iyengar and Bikram), bandana-wearing Baron Baptiste, a San Francisco native, created his own form yoga—loved by celebrities and professional athletes—in the early 1990s.

Philosophy: According to the founder, Baptiste Power Yoga is all about adaptation. Students are challenged to adjust to a series of Hatha-based poses that steadily, over time, build heat, transform the body, and create stronger muscles and alleviate tension.

What to Expect: No statues of Ganesha in this studio—Baptiste Power Yoga is more like your favorite gym class. Be prepared to sweat, sigh, and kick it up a notch higher than you ever thought you could.

Try it if…
… you call your yoga teacher an "instructor"—not a "guru." 

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