Your At-Home Yoga Guide

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Your At-Home Yoga Guide

Tools for at-home asanas

After a few weeks, your at-home practice will begin to take shape. At that point, your greatest challenge will probably be adding new poses. Don't worry; there are plenty of resources to help your yoga practice grow.

Get a note from your teacher. Ask your instructor to write down some of the poses you did in class, or to recommend a sequence for you to do at home. As you practice the sequence at home, try to remember the points your teacher made.

Pin it up. You can buy a poster that shows all 440 poses in the Ashtanga primary series. Mount it on the wall where you practice for easy reference as you go, whether you plan to practice five poses or 50.

Make a deal. A deck of yoga cards is a terrific way to mix up a new series of poses for each workout, and you can lay them out right next to your mat. Some decks also come with suggested sequences.

Book it. Almost every yoga book features sample workouts, but the most beneficial are those that show photos of the poses.

View and vary. Yoga videos and DVDs are valuable because instructors demonstrate each posture—but once you become accustomed to yoga, you'll definitely want some variety in your repertoire. To keep you from
getting stuck in a rut, try a subscription service such as NetFlix.

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