Your At-Home Yoga Guide

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Your At-Home Yoga Guide

What's your yoga style?

There are a lot of different types of yoga. Hatha yoga, under which many other types are grouped, is the most widely practiced, fundamental form in the United States. Ashtanga (on which "power yoga" is based) is a popular hatha derivative that comprises a fast-paced series of very challenging poses. Viniyoga's style focuses on developing a personal practice based on flowing postures chosen to suit each student's abilities. Iyengar emphasizes precise form; poses are held for longer periods and accomplished with the help of props like chairs, straps and blocks. Bikram, also known as "hot yoga," encompasses a demanding sequence
in an 85°F-plus heated room (so you obviously won't be able to do this at home!). Meanwhile, forms such as kundalini and tantra have stronger spiritual components and emphasize mastering and focusing mental energy rather than performing postures.

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