Jada Pinkett Smith's Look-Hot-From-Behind Butt Workout

The star's personal trainer shares her favorite do-anywhere exercises for a sculpted lower body.

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The Best Metabolism-Revving Strength Moves, According to Science

To get the most metabolism-boosting benefits, add these exercises to your strength workout.

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Yoga Poses to Boost Your Immune System

Who knew yoga could help fend off colds and the flu? Try these poses to stay healthy all winter long

7 Science-Backed Reasons Why Sweating While Pregnant Is a Good Idea

Not only can you rock the bump while rocking out in the gym—you should.

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10 Things to Know Before Your First Yoga Class

Want to get into yoga? These insider tips will make you feel more confident and prepared the first time you "om."

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The Strength Exercise That Makes You More Powerful

Jump higher and move faster by adding this move to your exercise arsenal.

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10 Ways to Lose Weight and Get Fitter Faster

Maximize your workout time with these research- and expert-backed strategies from the new book 20 Pounds Younger.

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3 Moves to Firm Your Abs From Every Angle

Fitness expert Michele Olson reveals her favorite belly-firming exercises that target your deepest abdominal muscles.

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Barry's Bootcamp-Inspired Abs, Butt, and Core Workout

Sculpt, tone, and burn fat with this 30-minute treadmill and strength training interval routine.

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