The Swimsuit-to-Skinny Jeans Workout

This quick high-intensity cardio and strength routine will blast fat and tone your trouble zones for a body you can flaunt in any season!

5 Moves for Fab Abs

Banish belly bulge while sculpting your arms, butt, and legs to create sexy curves that accentuate your waist.

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DIY Bootcamp Workout

Save your cash and create your own killer training session with these simple but super-effective circuit ideas.

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Sculpt Long, Lean Legs

Strengthen and shape a dancer's lower body with these 5 ballet-inspired moves.

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15 Hilarious Stock Fitness Photos

From bad form to creepy camera angles, these pics made us laugh out loud.

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Take Your Workout Outdoors!

Crisp fall weather is perfect for exercising outside. Take advantage before it's too late with these workouts.

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Know Before You Go: CrossFit

Thinking about joining the hardcore world of WODs? Read this first to show up feeling cool and confident.

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Sculpt a Sexy Lower Body

6 multitasking moves for lean legs and a shapely butt—no equipment necessary.

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8 Proven Benefits of HIIT

Science-backed reasons why high-intensity interval training should be part of your regular routine.

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