The Full-Body Swim Workout

Burn fat, build muscle, and tone your core with a pool circuit worth getting your hair wet for.

Use Cross-Training to Crush Your Workouts

Match the complementary cross-training activity to your fitness goals to reach them faster.

7 Ways to Take Your Om Outside

Reboot your yoga routine with a little fresh air.

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Get a Surfing Lesson—in GIFs

How to survive your first time out on a surfboard (and handle wipeouts with ease).

The Take-It-to-the-Street Workout

Turn any urban environment into a gym with killer exercises that tone all over.

Stretch it Out!

Why you should stop skipping the cool-down, and do these moves instead.

These Gyms Let You Work Out For Free When It's 90+

Town Sports International’s "heat-wave promotion" lets anyone exercise indoors.

Get Your Om On with Our 30-Day Yoga Challenge

These daily poses can give you that yogi bod you’ve been wanting—so go with our flow!

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