8 Medicine Ball Exercises You Should Be Doing

Trade in your dumbbells for challenging medicine ball moves recommended by trainers across the country.

Weird Ways to Make Strength Training Easier

Make strength training feel easier with these little-known (and totally easy!) strategies.

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The Best Workouts to Prep Your Body for Winter Sports

Maximize your performance on the slopes— without risking an injury by strengthening your body with these tips.

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9 Hard Moves Trainers Love to Hate

From ab burners to full body exercises, these moves are so tough that even trainers love to hate them.

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Yoga Poses for Instant Happiness

In need of a quick mood boost? Try these easy poses to increase endorphins.

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The Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders' Favorite HIIT Workout

Their trainer shares the squad's favorite high intensity interval training moves to stay strong, sculpted, and energized.

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No More Muscle Pain!

How to ease those achy spots after an intense workout session.

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Take the Gunnar Challenge

We got an exclusive look at some of the moves in celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson's latest workout challenge. Try the body-changing exercises for yourself!

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The Worst Fitness Advice Trainers Give Clients

You think your trainer gives you all the best heath and fitness advice, but there are some suggestions you should be wary of.

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