The Ultimate Barre Burn Workout

Sculpt long, lean limbs like a ballet dancer by adding Pilates equipment to your regular barre workout for a more effective burn—no bun required.

The Secret to Sofia Vergara's Sexy Curves

Straight from her trainer, get flat abs, toned arms, and a tight butt with these body-sculpting Pilates exercises.

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Equinox's New Fat-Burning Cycling Workout

Need an extra push on the bike? Try this exclusive 30-minute workout from Equinox to burn calories and build strength.

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Yoga Poses to Boost Energy

Feeling lethargic after the long weekend? Here, an energy-boosting yoga routine to get your week going.

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Flat Belly Fusion Workout

Create strong, flat, drawn-in abs with this Pilates, yoga, and ballet mashup routine.

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Pre-Turkey Calorie Burning Circuit Plan

Boost your metabolism before (and during) your Thanksgiving dinner with this quick, total-body workout.

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15-Minute Wall-and-Chair Workout

Put your furniture to good use with this on-the-go toning plan.

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25 Deceiving Exercises That Tone More than You Think

Don't underestimate the simplicity of these fat-trimming, muscle-defining moves.

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305 Fitness' Dance Cardio Workout

Get drenched while blasting fat with this dance-meets-bodyweight routine. Just don't call it Zumba!

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