The Super Hot V-Day Total Body Partner Workout

Get sweaty with your guy to raise your libido and your heart rate—you'll strengthen your body and your bond in this couple's total body workout.

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Master This Move: The Turkish Getup

This total-body strength move (which requires just one tool!) has stood the test of time. Here's how to ace it.

5 Yoga Pose Twists for Muscle Toning

Try these surprising yoga pose variations to build more strength with every breath.

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The Next Level of Personalized Fitness

New fitness apps, gear, and tech are making it seriously simple to get a little personal attention during your workout.

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6 Strength Training Exercises to Break a Sweat With Your Man

This total-body workout routine will strengthen you and your partner's muscles—and your relationship.

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Extreme Snow Sports You Need to See to Believe

This winter, forget snowboarding and skiing. You wont believe what some extreme athletes are doing to stay active in the snow.

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Slammin’ Body Heavy Ropes Workout

Hit the ropes! These one-tool cardio and strength training moves will whip you right into shape.

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Are You Fitter Than a 5th Grader?

To gauge your speed, strength, and overall fitness, rewind the clock with this fitness test from elementary school.

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Master This Move: The Chin-Up

Not only is it a total-body toner, just one rep will totally impress all your friends.

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