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Are You Performing These Zumba Moves Wrong?

From the Merengue to the Belly Dance Hip Shimmy, make sure that you have correct form when performing these three popular Zumba moves.

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Detox Diet Tips: 3 Simple Ways to Cleanse the Body

A detoxifying diet doesn't always mean eating less. Here, 3 easy ways to cleanse the body and lose weight without following a strict diet plan.

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How to Lose Weight Fast and Get Fit For Good

Everything you need to eat and do to drop weight and get fit fast. You can lose 10 pounds this month! Plus easy steps that guarantee success.

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Steps for Success: Add One Easy Win Every Day

30 healthy tips that turbocharge your life. Do one every day this month.

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New Year's 2011: 7 Resolutions Anyone Can (and Should) Pull Off

Make 2011 your best year ever! These 7 simple New Year's resolutions will set you up for success one day at a time. It's that easy!

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The Ultimate Home Workout: 3 Home Workout Routines in One

Burn fat and tone your whole body with these amazing home workout routines. All you need is a stability ball, two towels or a single dumbbell.

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Weight-Loss Tips: How to Stop Binge Eating

3 simple diet tips to stop eating too much and lose weight for good