Give Your Butt a Boost

Tighten, tone, and trim your tush in 8 minutes with this intense bodyweight workout.

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The Best Kettlebell Moves

Grab this funny-looking weight and tone every part of your body with these fave fat-burning moves from top trainers.

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Find Your New Favorite Workout in a Flash

A revolutionary new app makes it easy to discover classes, gyms, and outdoor activities in your area with one swipe.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Track Workout

That big red oval isn't just for high school hurdlers—it's also the perfect place to prepare for a PR at any race.

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Your Hydration Guide to a "Hot" Fitness Class

How much liquid you consume before and after Bikram could make (or break) your performance and recovery.

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The Hidden Benefits of Injury

One writer shares how being forced away from the gym introduced her to so much more.

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Intense Core Yoga Workout

Skip the crunches (and the monotony) with an amazing ab workout from yoga guru Heidi Kristoffer that engages your entire core!

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How I Went from 3 Miles to 13.1 in 7 Weeks

And somewhere in between found fun in fitness.

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