This Is How Women Around the World Work Out

Who's into dancing, and who's still doing the 300 workout? The most popular workouts in other countries may surprise you.

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Shaun T Shows Us His New Insanity Workout

The creator of the total-body Insanity workout is back to whip you into shape with his new program, Insanity MAX:30.

The Kick-Butt Workout Routine that Got Miss USA Pageant Ready

Nia Sanchez is sharing how she prepped for pageant season with full-body moves inspired by her love for Tae Kwon Do.

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10 Songs to Fast Track Your February Workouts

Supercharge your sweat sesh with new singles and remixes from Gwen Stefani, Fall Out Boy, JLo, David Guetta, and more on this Top 10 playlist.

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Killer Tread-Tabata Workout for Daredevils

Blast 500 calories and torch major fat with this crazy-effective routine that switches off between quick-but-killer cardio sprints and total-body strength moves.

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The 5K Race and Obstacle Course Made Just For You

Dotted with a dozen fun obstacles sure to challenge your agility, balance, strength, and speed, the SHAPE Diva Dash is one race you'll want to sign up for.

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No-Equipment Workout on NYC Subway Goes Viral

Don't have time to work out? This video isn't just fitspiration—it's proof that quick, effective workouts can happen anywhere!

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NCAA Now Offers College Scholarships to Triathletes

Forget the piggy bank—there's a new way to pay for college (and stay uber healthy!).

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Listen to Your Heart (Beat)

Put your heart into your workout—literally—to get faster and better results.

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