“I Raised $1,000 in 74 Minutes.”

Kaley Burns set a new personal best while raising money for cancer. You can too with one of these nationwide relay races.

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How to Tell If You're Really Getting Stronger

Strength training promises to make you stronger—but how do you know if your routine's working? Here's how to measure your results and speed up your gains.

The Best Ab Exercises You're Not Doing

Forget bicycles, crunches, and burpees! Take your core training to the next level with these moves.

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Find Your New Favorite Workout in a Flash

A revolutionary new app makes it easy to discover classes, gyms, and outdoor activities in your area with one swipe.

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Yoga Poses to Help You Focus

These poses provide an instant productivity boost!

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Could You Tell the Difference Between Organic and Fast Food?

A new viral prank video says probably not.

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10 Moves to Lose 10 Pounds

Give your metabolism and your confidence a boost with these simple no-equipment, fat-burning moves.

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Total-Body Hiking Workout

Prepare to soak up the beautiful scenery and take on any hiking trail with this total-body strengthening routine.

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The Right Way to Rock Plaid

Nix the punk and preppy notions and learn how to pull off this pattern with a polished feminine edge.

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