New York Road Runners' Half-Marathon Training Plan

Get race-ready in just 10 weeks with this official training schedule from the esteemed running organization.

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10 Quotes that Will Inspire You to Hit the Gym—Even on a Friday

Jawbone data says activity levels plummet at the end of the week. Here, 10 mantras to help you get your butt to the gym.

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Burn More Calories After Your Workout Ends

Afterburn is not a myth! Learn how to harness the power of science to melt fat.

"Uptown Funk" Playlist for the Gym

Funk up your workouts with contemporary and throwback tracks that rival Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' global hit.

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"Running Helped Me Overcome Depression and Anxiety"

A good run helps this women cope with her problems.

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5 Telltale Signs You're Exercising Too Much

Yes, you can overdo it in the gym. Would you recognize the signs telling you that you need to take a break?

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Adam Rostante's 30-Second HIIT Workout Routine

Start shedding fat in just 30 seconds with these fast-paced total body moves from Adam Rosante's book The 30-Second Body.

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Do Pre-Race Rituals Actually Work?

Does your lucky hat really help you on race day? Experts weigh in on 5 quirky pre-race rituals.

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8 Ways to Never Miss a Workout

No more excuses! These science-backed tips guarantee you'll make breaking a sweat a priority.

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