Take the Gunnar Challenge

We got an exclusive look at some of the moves in celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson's latest workout challenge. Try the body-changing exercises for yourself!

The Worst Fitness Advice Trainers Give Clients

You think your trainer gives you all the best heath and fitness advice, but there are some suggestions you should be wary of.

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The Fastest Possible Marathon Times, According to Science

It's the battle of the sexes: men may run faster, but women run harder.

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How to Work Out in the Middle of Your Workday

With a little planning, leaving your desk for a workout won't add more stress to your schedule.

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7 Moves to Rock Any Cutout Dress Like a Celebrity

Feel strong, sexy, and confident showing a little skin with these easy moves.

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Yoga to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

PMSing? Check out this video for easy poses that will relieve headaches, cramps, fatigue, lower back pain, and uncomfortable cramps.

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Fitness Technology Is Owning CES

Technology that can make you ride better, track smarter, and look sharper

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Cycling Is About to Get Its Moment in the Spotlight

All the cool girls are doing it. Here's why you should care.

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How Working Out Helps Lower Alcoholism Risk

Working out this much helps lower your risk of alcohol abuse—despite genetics.

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