10 Things to Know Before Your First Yoga Class

Want to get into yoga? These insider tips will make you feel more confident and prepared the first time you "om."

13 Thoughts You Have While Working Out In January

For the year-round fitness lover, working out at the start of the new year can be a little...frustrating.

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Meet the Belfie Stick!

The absurd new invention that makes it easier to take selfies of your butt.

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The Strength Exercise That Makes You More Powerful

Jump higher and move faster by adding this move to your exercise arsenal.

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Hilarious Meghan Trainor Parody Video Captures Struggle of New Year's Fitness Goals

If you made a resolution to get fit or eat healthier, this video will make you feel your pain is understood.

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7 Fresh Cycling Class Trends

Cycling classes are getting a makeover, helping re-energize riders and speed up results. Keep an eye out for these cycling class trends that may come to a studio or gym near you

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10 Ways to Lose Weight and Get Fitter Faster

Maximize your workout time with these research- and expert-backed strategies from the new book 20 Pounds Younger.

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Running in the City vs Running in the Suburbs—in Gifs!

The benefits of running are the same in either locale, but the experience will certainly vary!

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3 Moves to Firm Your Abs From Every Angle

Fitness expert Michele Olson reveals her favorite belly-firming exercises that target your deepest abdominal muscles.

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