Olivia Wilde’s Crazy-Fun Dance Workout

Try the fat-burning, heart-pumping routine that gave our April cover girl a killer post-baby body.

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Nike's #BetterForIt Campaign Recognizes the Athlete in All of Us

Because fitness isn't just about what you do at the gym, it's about what those workouts do for you.

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Master This Move: Trap Bar Deadlift

This safer-for-the-back deadlift variation also helps build explosive power.

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Why You Should Run with Someone Faster Than You

@AliOnTheRun1 describes the love/hate relationship she has with her faster, fitter running buddy.

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Why You Should "Always Be Running"

Our nutrition editor shares the personal mantra that powers her through her toughest runs.

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Kevin Carr Breaks the Record for the Fastest Run Around the Globe

...After encountering bears, wild dogs, the flu, heat stroke, and being hit by a car. How's that for fitspiration?!

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Your Summer Shape Up Guide

Look hot before you hit the beach or pool with Shape's exclusive three-month plan, including can't-miss fitness events led by top celeb trainers.

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The Easy Trick to Make Weight Lifting Easier

This "secret" lifting technique could help you stay injury-free.

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The Best Workout Songs from the Indie Music Scene

Escape the pop music and break a sweat with the latest and greatest workout songs from indie rock artists.

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