Get Fired Up: Must-Have Grilling Tools

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Get Fired Up: Must-Have Grilling Tools



bbqThis Tom Douglas by Pinzon grill wok ($43; keeps small veggies, like mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, from falling in the fire.




bbqThe portable gas O-Grill 1000 ($140; sets up in just 10 seconds, thanks to a clamshell design and retractable legs.



bbqThe tines on this Kuhn Rikon Flexi spatula ($16; are slim enough for fat to drain out but strong enough for flipping steaks.



bbqStonewall Kitchen Grilling ($20; has more than 50 recipes for everything from beef tenderloin (one of the leanest cuts) to grilled peaches.



bbqRound out your meal—and maximize cooking space—with Fire Wire flexible skewers ($25 for 4;



bbqWhen filled with water, wine, or juice, Moistly Grilled humidifiers ($30 for 2; release steam that keeps food tender.



bbqAvoid overdone steaks—and carcinogens—with the Taylor remote thermometer ($40;; it monitors temps from up to 200 feet away.



bbqNoMu rubs ($7 per 3.5 oz. tin; add zing without MSG, preservatives, or artificial flavors.



bbqImpart smokiness—sans calories—to salmon, chicken, and more with afire gourmet grilling planks ($11 for 2;
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