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A Better Way to Make an Omelette

Hint: There's no flipping involved!


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Do You Really Know How to Clean Your Blender?

A must-watch video for any smoothie lover.

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The Easy Way to Chop Tricky Herbs

Finally, learn the proper technique to chop parsley, sage, and rosemary. (Yes, there's a right way!)

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What 10 Nutritionists Eat on Thanksgiving

Top experts share their favorite Turkey Day meals—plus the nutritional benefits behind each and every one.

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10 New Fall Foods to Add to Your Grocery List

Toss these new supermarket finds, from healthy snacks to easy dinner ideas, into your cart tonight.

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How to Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey

Finally, the proper way to carve a bird with minimal mess and zero wasted meat.

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8 Reasons to Try Bone Broth

Just-opened New York "broth shop" aims to bring the "magic elixir" to the masses. Find out why you should give it a chance.

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The High-Tech Easy-Bake Oven of the Future

"Foodini"—the 3-D food printer—could be the food trend of tomorrow. But would you (and should you) use it?

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Give Your Game Day Burger a Makeover

For a healthier burger—and more fun in the kitchen—take your recipe game to the next level with these tips from chef Franklin Becker.

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