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12 Healthy Foods Men Will Never Understand

From quinoa to tofu, these nutritious nibbles have the guys in our lives shaking their heads.

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4 Gorgeous and Light No-Cook Recipes

From walnut and beet ravioli to coconut mango bavarois, these dishes taste fresh and bright, and will leave you feeling the same.

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How to Use the Weirdest Farmers’ Market Veggies

These odd-looking foods deliver fresh flavors and plenty of nutrients to your spring dishes.

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Best Blenders for Any Budget

These brilliant devices make it simple to whip anything from soups to smoothies to sauces with the press of a button.

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12 Brilliant Eco-Friendly Eating Supplies

These reusable totes, containers, and utensils make it easy—and adorable—to bring your meals and snacks on the road.

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Sharpen Your Knife Skills

Get a crash course on chopping, slicing, and julienning foods with these expert tips from an Iron Chef judge.

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7 Ways to Save Time, Money, and Calories

How to buy what you need, eat what you buy, and keep your diet in control.

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20 Genius Uses for Matcha

Add a pop of color, a shot of antioxidants, and a depth of flavor to your plate with this green tea powder.

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Go Ahead: Eat This Entire Dessert!

These white chocolate cheesecake bites are just the thing when you want to end dinner with a little something sweet.

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