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Steal Dessert Ideas from NYC's Food & Wine Festival

Chef Candice Kumai takes you through Godiva's Truffle Showdown and talks to the country's top chefs about their chocolate creations.

Genius Swaps for Fatty Ingredients

Create rich flavor and texture, minus the fat, with these 10 genius substitutions.

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8 Facts About Pumpkin That Will Blow Your Gourd

Whether you're pumpkin-obsessed or in need of some seasonal cocktail party trivia, the following tidbits are sure to surprise and fascinate.

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20 Ways to Sneak Pumpkin into Any Meal

From pesto to pizza, you can add this superfood into any dish.

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Split Apart a Head of Garlic in a Few Seconds

You no longer need to pick and peel away an entire head of garlic. Try this solution from celebrity chef Judy Joo and cut down your prep time.

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Everything You Need to Know About Coconut Oil

Is this tropical fat an artery clogger, a weight-loss miracle, or simply a delicious way to bake and cook?

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15 Brilliant Healthy Cooking Tricks

We asked pro chefs for their secrets so you can create delicious, good-for-you food at home.

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20 Fast and Easy Ways to Cook Eggs

Try these egg-cellent ideas for high-protein, low-calorie dishes.

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4 New Ways to Flavor Fish

Try these simple recipes for mouthwatering meals you can feel good about eating.

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