42. Coffee, $0.40 per 16 oz cup (brewed), about $10 per pound: 
Not only is it amazing for you, but brewing coffee at home can save some real dolla dolla bills. This morning pick-me-up also contains antioxidants to help protect the heart, and is a great pre-workout fuel to help increase endurance. Not thirsty? This kitchen staple doubles as the key ingredient for a variety of other household chores, too!
43. Tea, $0.10 per tea bag, about $5 a box (varies based on type)
: The varying health benefits of tea are a-plenty, ranging from their antioxidant powers to helping maintain a healthy weight. Skip the sugary stuff and try brewing iced-tea at home, and opt for green if looking to maximize antioxidant intake.
44. Water, free. (Well, kind of)
: Head to the nearest faucet — our bodies depend on it. Water keeps us hydrated (shocking), flushes out toxins in the body, and helps when trying to lose a few pesky pounds.

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