8 Amazing (New!) Superfoods

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World's Healthiest Foods

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8 Amazing (New!) Superfoods


Proof that good things do come in small packages: When Rutgers University scientists analyzed 27 different fruits, they found that kiwifruit was the most nutritionally dense, meaning it had the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals per calorie. Compared with an orange, for example, a large 56-calorie kiwi contains 20 percent more potassium. "And next to dark leafy greens, kiwis are one of the top sources of the antioxidant lutein, which is important for your vision and heart health," says Pratt. In fact, Norwegian researchers found that healthy adults who ate two kiwifruits a day for a month lowered their triglycerides—blood fats that can lead to heart disease—by 15 percent. Experts say that the effect may be due to the fruit's high levels of antioxidants.

SERVING TIP If peeling a kiwi seems like too much work, simply slice lengthwise into four wedges and eat it like an orange. "Since the skin is edible, you can also toss the entire fruit into the blender to add a little citrus flavor to a smoothie," says Pratt. Store kiwis in the fridge away from apples and pears; these fruits emit ethylene gas, which can cause kiwis to go bad.

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