8 Amazing (New!) Superfoods

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World's Healthiest Foods

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8 Amazing (New!) Superfoods

DO THIS White Tea

These silvery, feathery leaves actually come from the same plant as green and black teas, but they're harvested earlier. "Green tea has grassy undertones, while the white variety has a sweeter, more delicate flavor," says Bowden. But taste isn't the only reason to give white tea a try: According to a preliminary study done at the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, it may be more powerful than green tea in protecting against cancer. Other research suggests that it may also fight germs that lead to viruses and infections.

SERVING TIP Although there are white tea bags and drinks on the market, Bowden recommends buying loose leaves such as Yinzhen Silver Needle White Tea ($30 for 4 ounces; inpursuit oftea.com). "The leaves are less processed, so it's healthier," he says. Steep them in water that's hot but not quite boiling for about 2 minutes.

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