The Best Ways to Cut Calories

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The Best Ways to Cut Calories

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The Best Ways to Cut Calories

Save 250+ Calories

1. Downsize Your Baked Goods
You can automatically halve the calories in fresh-baked muffins by using a pan with a dozen slots rather than one with just six. And if you swap half a cup of applesauce for the half cup of butter or oil called for in your recipe, you can save an additional 75 calories per muffin.
Calories saved: 310 to 385

2. Get Sandwich Savvy
A 6-inch tuna hero with lowfat chips may seem like a light meal, but it contains 700 calories and more than 30 grams of fat. Opt for a small turkey sub without mayo or oil-and skip the soda, chips, and cookies.
Calories saved: 420

3. Bulk Up Your Pasta-with Veggies
If you're making pasta at home, a 2-cup serving of noodles with a large ladle of meat, vodka, or Alfredo sauce can set you back 600 calories or more. To fill your plate, mix a cup of pasta with a cup of steamed veggies, topping the dish with half a cup of your favorite jarred marinara sauce.
Calories saved: 250

4. Serve Dessert in a Shot Glass
Can't resist taking a slice of key lime pie or cheesecake at a buffet? Allow yourself to savor the amount that fits in a shot glass (that's about 3 tablespoons) and you'll save 80 percent of the calories you'd get in a full-size portion.
Calories saved: 360

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