The Best Ways to Cut Calories

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The Best Ways to Cut Calories

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The Best Ways to Cut Calories

Save 500+ Calories

1. Take Your Own Popcorn to the Movies
A medium container from the theater has at least 900 calories-not including the "butter" topping. Pre-pop your lowfat favorite and stash the bag in your tote.
Calories saved: 600

2. Ditch Designer Cereals and Granolas
Multigrain and all-natural options can still be high in sugar and fat. Pour a bowl with milk for breakfast and you can easily spoon up 700 calories before you even walk out the door. Go for fiber-rich cereals that contain 200 or fewer calories per cup.
Calories saved: 500

3. Choose a Leaner Cut of Meat
When dining at a restaurant, order a 6-ounce filet mignon rather than the 10-ounce T-bone or prime rib. Some chefs will brush the meat with butter or oil after cooking to make the steak look juicier, so ask that the kitchen skip this step to cut an extra 100 calories.
Calories saved: 500 to 600

4. Turn Your Back on the Buffet Table
Pick a spot that's at least 16 feet from the smorgasbord and face away from the food when eating. One study showed that people who did this ate several hundred fewer calories, on average, than those who sat just a few feet away.
Calories saved: 650

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