Control Emotional Eating

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Control Emotional Eating

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Control Emotional Eating

Control Emotional Eating: RATE HOW RAVENOUS YOU ARE

Getting into the habit of recognizing the difference between physical and emotional hunger can alert you to when you're eating for the wrong reasons and help you resist those urges. "Just being aware that your craving has nothing to do with your appetite will help keep you from bingeing," says Linda W. Craighead, Ph.D., the author of The Appetite Awareness Workbook.

DO IT She recommends making a mental note of how hungry you are on a scale of one to seven every time you eat, with one being stuffed and seven being starving. "Try to decide whether you're really hungry, you're craving a specific type of food, or you just want to eat," she says. "After a few weeks, this type of thinking will happen naturally any time you go to take a bite. When you're on the verge of eating for emotional reasons, a warning bell will go off in your head, helping you hit the brakes."

How to Control Emotional Eating: Tweak Your Treats

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