Control Emotional Eating

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Control Emotional Eating

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Control Emotional Eating

Control Emotional Eating: GIVE YOURSELF TIME

How's this for a solution: You can eat every single thing you want. The only catch is that you have to let at least 30 minutes pass before you can have it. "When you wait to eat, you put a buffer between you and the food," says Spangle. "In that time, the temptation often goes away, saving you from a spontaneous binge you'll regret later."

DO IT If you don't think you can force yourself to hit the pause button on your own, make it harder to get to the comfort food. Avoid stocking candy at your desk and don't keep loose change or dollar bills in your purse that can be used for the vending machine. At home, keep chocolate in the freezer so it has to thaw before you can eat it, or store junk food down in the basement. These strategies won't work every time, but having a few barriers in place will help cut down on how often you overindulge.

How to Control Emotional Eating: Reprogram Yourself

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