As the all-star health and food blogger behind Healthy Tipping Point, Caitlin Boyle sticks to a vegetarian, mainly gluten-free, half-organic, whole foods diet. Though she's now eating for two, Boyle's daily grub is still full of nourishing fruits and veggies.

"I'm 17 weeks pregnant, and my doctor instructed me to eat about 200-300 extra calories per day, plus whatever I burn off from exercise," she says. "So far, I've gained 6.5 pounds, as I should have. One thing I'm trying to do is eat a variety of foods and tastes, as some research suggests that you can influence your baby's developing taste buds."

Check out Boyle's visual food diary of everything she ate in a 24-hour period, which also happened to be the day of her third wedding anniversary, and follow her on Twitter for more healthy meal ideas.

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