What's inside the refrigerators of three reality stars? Cat Cora, Gretta Monahan, and Jackie Warner let us peek inside. Then L.A. nutritionist Robyn L. Goldberg, R.D., analyzed the contents. Let their hits and messes help you fine-tune your eating habits.

Cat Cora

Many chefs depend on high-fat ingredients, like butter, cheese, and bacon, for flavor. But Cat, a veteran host of several Food Network series and the first female Iron Chef on Iron Chef America, relies on a culinary secret her Greek ancestors have known for centuries: Fresh is best. “I always use what’s in season,” says Cat, who often prepares simple Mediterranean-inspired meals, such as grilled fish and chopped salads, at home. “I also buy all-natural or organic ingredients whenever possible because they taste so much better,” she says. “And starting with a flavorful foundation eliminates the need for heavy, fat-laden sauces.”

Cat and her partner have even managed to get their two sons— Zoran, 5; and Caje, 23 months—on board. “For the most part, we eat as a family,” she says, “though we do always have peanut butter, string cheese, and yogurt pops on hand because the boys love them.”


Fresh Berries
“I buy organic strawberries at the farmers’ market and blend them into smoothies.”
The R.D. says:
“Strawberries have one of the highest pesticide levels of all fruit, so opting for organic is smart.”

Dijon Mustard
“This is my favorite base for marinades and salad dressings.”
The R.D. says:
“Mustard lends a creamy texture and tangy taste without adding much fat or too many calories.”

Firm Tofu
“This works as well in stir-fry as it does in oatmeal or pancake batter.”
The R.D. says:
“Soy contains loads of calcium and protein. And because tofu takes on the fl avor of whatever it’s mixed with, you can use it to sneak extra nutrients into kids’ meals.”

Lowfat Yogurt
“I have a carton every day. It’s filling, high in calcium and protein, and sweet!”
The R.D. says:
“Yogurt can be very healthy, but some brands are loaded with sugar. To cut back, choose vanilla or lemon flavors over fruit-filled ones.”

Fresh Halibut Fillets
“My fish is from the seafood store down by the dock, so I know it’s super-fresh.”
The R.D. says:
“Halibut is rich in heart-healthy omega-3s and bone-building magnesium. If you can, buy the Pacific instead of Atlantic version; it’s not overfished, so it’s more eco-friendly.”

Buying local produce and seafood is good for Cat’s health and the environment, says Goldberg. And the fact that she spices up her finds with ingredients that deliver big flavor for minimal calories is savvy. “If you’re creative when it comes to your meals, they’re more likely to be physically and emotionally fulfilling,” says Goldberg. “That means you’ll be less likely to turn to food out of boredom or as a form of stress relief.” But going gourmet doesn’t mean nixing convenience foods. Having healthy packaged foods on hand, like low-sodium soups, jarred marinara sauce, and frozen whole-wheat waffles, makes it easy to eat right even when you’re short on time.

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