Diet Tips
Could You Spot Sugar in Your Food?

The Food and Drug Administration is considering changing food labels to break down sugar counts, but spotting the sweet stuff isn't always so easy.

Could You Go a Year Without Processed Food?

One woman did, and it completely changed her relationship with food.

No, You Don't Need to Eat After Every Workout

Sorry to burst your bubble, but according to experts, there's no need to refuel after that cycling class.

Road Trip Snacks for Every Kind of Trip

Don't let hunger pangs prevent you from traveling the full distance! Load your car with healthy snacks and non-perishable food that'll last the whole ride.

Why 2018 Will Be the Best Year for Healthy Eating

You can finally PHO-get about those FrankenFats! As of 2018, the FDA will make sure trans fat doesn't make its way into processed foods again.

TRANS FATarticle
The Easiest Way to Find a Farmers Market Near You

Find farm fresh vendors, products, and local food sources with the fancy new tech feature that acts as an interactive guide to markets across the country.

Is Fruit the Reason You're Gaining Weight?

If the sugar found in fruit causes weight gain, do we have to give it up? Science says not so fast.

The 7 (Easy!) Rules of Our Clean Eating Challenge

Eat smart for the next seven days, and you'll be on the way to a permanently healthier you.

5 Nutrients Even the Healthiest People Can Miss

Eating right is no guarantee against illness—even the best dieters could be lacking in these necessary vitamins and minerals.