Diet Tips
How Healthy Is Your Morning Drink?

Is tea with honey better for you than coffee with sugar, or is neither good to sip?

8 “Bad” Foods You Should Never Stop Eating

Ignore the rules for paleo, low-carb, and other diets. Giving up these foods could make you less healthy and add pounds.

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The Smartest Happy Hour Plan

Enjoy your drinks without worrying about getting too buzzed with these tips for before and at the bar.

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12 Eating Secrets Women with Great Bodies Know

Uncover the path to a slim, shapely, and sexy you simply by following these smart and sustainable eating tips from The Bikini Body Diet

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Top 3 Ingredients to Avoid

When you’re grocery shopping, be sure you don’t toss any foods that contain these into your cart!

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25 Ways to Cut 250 Calories

These practical diet and exercise tricks fit into your routine just as easily as you’ll soon fit into smaller pants.

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12 Foods You'd Never Guess Are Vegan

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls aren't even the most surprising item on the list! See 11 more "accidentally vegan" products here.

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Are You Eating Too Little Saturated Fat?

Cutting back too much on this “bad” fat could actually do more harm than good.

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Does Coffee Help or Hinder Your Workout?

Our Diet Doctor explains if a caffeine buzz will help you power through your routine or just leave you dehydrated.

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