Diet Tips
12 Salads Worse Than a Big Mac

Don't be fooled by the s-word; these orders can do more damage than fast food!

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9 Low-Carb Snacks to Eat On the Go

Simple solutions for your high-protein, low-portability diet.

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8 Surprising Sources of Nutrients

These foods may not be in the spotlight, but they deserve a place in your diet.

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The Easy Way to Go Paleo

All you need to make your transition to the trendy diet stress-free and successful.

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What Exactly Is an Heirloom Veggie?

Why you should eat these pricey, colorful, often misshapen foods.

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Should You Try an Elimination Diet?

The benefits of cutting out foods go beyond clearing up your skin.

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Why Do Protein Shakes Do That?

Our Diet Doctor explains why your drink turns your pee bright yellow.

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When Processed Is Better

Yep, junk food may be healthier for you than whole or natural foods at times!

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SHAPE Snack Awards 2013

We tasted hundreds of healthy snacks to find the best 24 on the market.

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