Diet Tips
Are You Eating the Wrong Breakfast?

How to give your body and brain the fuel they need, whether you work out, want to lose weight, or are running out the door in the a.m.

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What's Really in Halloween Candy?

We've peeled back the wrapper to uncover which ingredients are harmless and which treats should go straight to the trash.

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Everything You Need to Know About Sugar

Seriously. Experts answered all of your questions about every type of sugar so you can live a sweet and healthy life.

When More Calories Is Better

9 times the quality of your food is far more important than calorie count.

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How Healthy Is Your Morning Drink?

Is tea with honey better for you than coffee with sugar, or is neither good to sip?

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8 “Bad” Foods You Should Never Stop Eating

Ignore the rules for paleo, low-carb, and other diets. Giving up these foods could make you less healthy and add pounds.

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The Smartest Happy Hour Plan

Enjoy your drinks without worrying about getting too buzzed with these tips for before and at the bar.

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12 Eating Secrets Women with Great Bodies Know

Uncover the path to a slim, shapely, and sexy you simply by following these smart and sustainable eating tips from The Bikini Body Diet

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Top 3 Ingredients to Avoid

When you’re grocery shopping, be sure you don’t toss any foods that contain these into your cart!

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