Diet Tips
A Better Way to Measure Food?

Exercise times vs. calories on menus: Experts weigh in on the debate.

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3 Diet Tips from Weight-Loss Experts

Chris and Heidi Powell of TV's "Extreme Weight Loss" reveal their best advice.

You Ate It? Negate It!

Learn how long you'd have to work out to work off your fave treats, then indulge intelligently this summer.

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6 Common Gluten-Free Myths

Separate fact from fiction to get the real story behind the gluten-free hype.

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Should You Eat Kale in the Summer?

Are superfoods still as powerful if you eat them out-of-season?

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Eat for the Body You Want

Get a lean, muscular, yet feminine body with this meal plan.

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Should You Go Gluten-Free?

The View's Elizabeth Hasselbeck shares why she thinks athletes should ditch gluten.

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7 Spring-Cleansing Foods

Eliminate toxins and restore your body's natural balance with these detox foods.

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The Worst Post-Workout Snacks

Go ahead and splurge after the gym, but be sure you indulge in the right foods.

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