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Could You Have a Food Sensitivity?

It might the reason you're not losing weight. See 5 celebs who do.

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8 Healthy Fats to Add to Your Salad

Get maximum nutrition and stay full longer with these salad add-ons.

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14 Bad Excuses for Eating Junk

"I'll go to the gym tomorrow." Sound familiar? Learn to outwit weight-loss obstacles.

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Nutritionist-Approved Road Trip Snacks

Stay slim when gas stations and fast food are your only options.

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Snack Awards 2012

Curb cravings with these SHAPE-approved snacks under 200 calories.

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Secrets to Make Fresh Food Last Longer

Get more out of every grocery bag with these 6 expert tips.

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Go Ahead. You Know You Want It!

Discover the diet strategy that lets you eat what you like and still lose weight.

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7 Foods a Nutritionist Will Never Eat

And why you shouldn’t either!

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What's the Best Source of Protein?

Find out when seeking out specific foods is a waste of your time.