Diet Tips
Guiltless Gluten-Free Snacks

Proof that a gluten-free diet doesn't have to be inconvenient.

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5 New Ways to Enjoy Soy

Creative ways to fit this superfood into your diet.

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The Secret to Losing Belly Fat

What's more important: diet or exercise? Our Diet Doc settles the debate.

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Super Bowl Food Shockers!

Plus, how to avoid traditional game-day gut busters.

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Ask a Nutritionist: Live Twitterview with Nutrionist Keri Gans

Nutritionist Keri Gans reveals the power of snacking and answers your top diet and weight loss questions during our live twitteriew.

PHOTOS: 24 Hours in My Healthy Diet

Fitness expert Jeff Halevy snapped a pic of every bite he ate.

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6 "Healthy" Ingredients to Avoid

Don't be fooled by a healthy reputation!

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What to Eat Before Yoga

Nosh on any of these 10 snacks before you hit the mat!

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20 Foods that Can Ruin Your Workout

Could you be sabotaging your success with the wrong pre-workout snack?

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