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PHOTOS: 24 Hours in My Healthy Diet

See a snapshot (and nutrition info) of every bite this nutritionist ate.

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11 Foods to Boost Brainpower

Snack on these superfoods to stay focused all day long.

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Is This the Best Food You Aren't Eating?

Find out why grapefruit is front and center of a new meal plan.

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Fish Oils That Taste Good (Really!)

Get your Omega-3 fix without choking down a nasty pill!

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The 5 Worst Soups for Weight Loss

Five soup recipes to skip and five to try so you can stay warm while sticking to your diet.

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What if Being Fit was Your Job?

10 tips from people whose career depends on staying in amazing shape.

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4 Tricks to Send the "I'm Full" Signal

Know when to stop eating with these simple tips

PHOTOS: 24 Hours in My Healthy Diet

Nutrition expert Amie Valpone took a snapshot of every bite she ate.

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Is This Ripe? How to Pick the Best Produce

Your guide to maximizing the nutritional benefits of your fruits and veggies.

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