Diet Tips
Salad Shockers: We Uncover the Calories Hidden in Salads

Seemingly healthy salads can pack huge calorie counts. Check out these heavyweights—and find out how to slim them down.

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Give Your Workout Extra Power: Active Woman's Guide to Carbohydrates

The surprising facts about when to eat carbs—and which ones to eat—when you work out regularly.

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12 Best Power Foods for Women

The best foods for women of any age.

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Healthy Drinks: Best and Worst Drinks for Your Body

Healthy drinks that won't pack on the pounds.

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Healthy Drinks: Sip Your Way Slim

Try these delicious low-calorie drinks!

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Easy Veggie Grilling Guide

Simple secrets to grilling any vegetable to perfection.

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Should You Start a Sugar Fast?

Cut back on the sweet stuff and gain energy instead of pounds.

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Control Emotional Eating

8 tips to help you stop emotional eating

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Stop Emotional Eating

The battle against the bulge may be in your head.