Diet Tips
Dr. Oz: What I Eat (Almost) Every Day

We found out what food Dr. Oz always keeps in his kitchen.

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50 "Good" Foods that are Bad for You

Don’t be fooled by misleading health food.

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Sugar-Free Foods to Avoid

Find out when eating the real thing is healthier and helps you lose weight.

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6 Foods You Can't Overdo

Portion control doesn't apply to these low-calorie snacks!

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13 Nifty Nutrition Infographics

Useful food facts wrapped up in a pretty, foolproof package.

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Indulge Like a Nutritionist!

How do you eat your must-have foods while still feeling energized and fitting into your favorite jeans? See what these nutritionists do!

Best and Worst Nutrition Bars for Women

Which nutrition bars are truly healthy and which are more like candy in disguise.

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10 Healthy Recipes from Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien

9 fast and easy recipes from Food Network star Lisa Lillien!

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27 Ugliest Foods You Should Be Eating

Looks can be deceiving! These unsightly foods are packed with health perks.

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