Diet Tips

The No. 1 Diet Mistake You Make on Vacation

Good news: With these tips, it’s easy to avoid so you’ll come home relaxed and still in bikini shape!

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The 16 Best New Snacks

Get a taste of something sweet or savory without busting your diet with these Shape-approved bites.

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Kathie Lee and Hoda Taste Test Our Top Snack Picks

See what the Today show hosts thought of our creamy, crunch, sweet, and savory snack awards winners!

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The Top 4 Foods That Make You Bloated

Carbonated drinks are a no-brainer, but try to avoid these other foods to feel your best in a bikini or tight clothes.

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The Surprising Way Vegetarians May Be Ruining Their Workouts

The issue exercise scientists say meat-free gym rats could face.

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Are Green Powders or Green Juices Better for You?

Both are made from wholesome ingredients and provide nutrients, but they’re not the same.

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Outsmart Sugar Cravings

Overcome the urge to inhale a batch of cookies with these 3 no-sweat strategies.

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5 Surprising Reason to Stop Eating Lunch at Your Desk

Even if you’re eating the most balanced meal, your health and job could be hurting if you dine staring at your computer.

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